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Simpsons: Tapped Out Friends
Simpsons Tapped Out

Welcome to Simpsons Tapped Out Friends. (iOS and Android)

To have others add you as Tapped Out Friend they have to add your Tapped Out friend code. You can add your friend code to the list below by entering it in the box below and click "Add Name". Your the Simpsons Tapped Out friend code is shown on the left site of the screen when you log in. Your friend code will be at the top of the list of codes until someone else submits his/her code. Once your friend code goes off the list, you can enter it again and it will be moved back to the top of the list. There is no limit to the number of times that you can do this.

You can also make a small donation to have your friend code is promoted for seven days.

In the current version of the game, you get friend points when visiting them and you can receive friend points from friends visiting your town. Therefore it is very important to only have active friends. Since you can only have 100 friends you should remove inactive friends. See the Remove Friends page to see how to do this.

Please do not add fake friend code.

NEW - iPhone/iPad app - Friend Codes for Simpsons Tapped Out

Now available in the app store.

Friend Codes for Simpsons Tapped Out


1.  malteser852.  eminemfan4256
3.  joser373424.  1rons831
5.   moomo996.  Carrieberryca
7.  Bentley688.  xPsihoRapx
9.  kaldahirl98010.  gomansoor 38
11.  owenadam12.  simardeep434
13.  alynbmxxx14.  kondorxd
15.  jojojack12316.  lolinator53
17.  dcmc0218.  munozc17
19.  muffin4020.  infidonut7
21.  MunchEvans22.  kaibroady68
For only USD 2.99 you can have your Tapped Out Name promoted for 14 days!
Your Simpsons Tapped Out Name

Free Tapped Out names

Add your name once by filling in the CAPTCHA and your Tapped Out name:

CAPTCHA [ Different Image ]


  • Get an email reminder when your name is not on the list anymore
  • One click link to get on the list again

Just fill in the form below to get the reminders and link

1.  Weybs17682.  xxbtrx90gamingxx3.  Flaka83034204.  lidiona
5.  mandyply6.  awesomemen5557.  mike3eee8.  Semisolidlion
9.  Sigs261110.  kakuka201411.  jacobryder2612.  blareroger17
13.  stefjehoul8614.  troupe2651915.  oolkhovyi16.  duhally
17.  tobiasdekk8818.  wmjriv22519.  Tobias20.  claydon72
21.  themazerun22.  evilgadget111123.  atxfree24.  Younesk787
25.  emma_1093226.  chickenboy1000027.  McDeMono28.  Lui caliber
29.  wendyhubley30.  cainsworth4531.  eminemfan425632.  Cjmm2004
33.  mahfouzshu4634.  Bentley6835.  captainfree136.  Carrieberryca
37.  Doghnuts7738.  MarinaKod39.  hanaglamuz17340.  Temezi007
41.  done90742.  Faux_R3al43.  michaelajm32344.  buyckjason83
45.  rockinashja46.  jimbery1213047.  malteser8548.  nannapace
49.  annsofiec50.  ghost1618051.  Ugbrough52.  BusterRuben
53.  meilynn_j4754.  pumpkimmi55.  gwnon56.  atmbro
57.  jakedeben16558.  jamieEvans679859.  rtittle160.  rainman582

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